Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Have a Secret! Shhhhhh...

Yep, we have a secret, and only people who are apart of our kit club know it....shhhhh!!!! But since I can't keep a secret, today I am going to let you in on part of it. First, what do you think of these layouts?

The "Egg"spert by Jenny

2011 February by Lan

Easter Egg Hunters by Melanie

Into the Woods by Aphra

A Little Birdie Told Me...It's a Girl by Sarah

What a Gift by Frances


What you are swooning over my friends are Recipe Card Layouts created with every line from the Flavor of the Month Kit and the Double Shot Kit...no kidding! Yummo, right? Every month each of the DT girls are assigned a line to create one of the beautiful double-page layouts for secret Recipe Cards that are only given to our kit buyers! Yep, we have like our own little secret society here at TSR...OOOoooooooooo! We have a secret password, handshake, and a boo-tay dance...ok, maybe the handshake and dance is taking it a bit far, but we do have a secret password.

FYI a Recipe Card is a "card" with a double-page layout and the directions to re-create the layout being featured. These directions are detailed...with dimensions and exact placement. So, basically when you sign up with TSR you get a gallery FULL of inspiration, and like that is not enough, we give you secret access to 6 additional layouts and full detailed directions!!!

Now, aren't you just a bit curious? Well, here is a link to one of our recipe cards so you can get the full picture of what I am talking about. You can check out a sample Recipe Card HERE...look! Go check it out...you know ya wanna!

And just so you know, you can still purchase our March FOTM kit and DS kit HERE. And after you join, we will let you in on the secret password, hand shake, and boo-tay dance...tootles!


  1. Wonderful LO's ladies!!! Frances, you are a goof!!! LOL You crack me up!!!

  2. Awesome layouts!

    Frances, you are too funny! However, I cannot see the recipe card with the link. Should I be able to see a card?

  3. The Recipe Card link is fixed. :)

  4. Frances, really! I'm supposed to be working and all I'm doing is laughing tea out my nose!!!! LOL! Keep it up, girl, and thanks!