Thursday, March 24, 2011

DT Inspiration with Jenny!!

Hey Scrappers!

Ever been clothes shopping somewhere and thought to yourself, "Wow...that would be so cute on a scrapbook page!"? Happens to me ALL.THE.TIME! Sometimes it'll be the whole article of clothing that inspires me...sometimes, just the color scheme...sometimes, maybe an element or two from the design on the clothing.

I was online shopping at the other day and came across this cute little girl's shirt:

I immediately thought of the adorable layered butterfly embellishment I received in my ScrapRoom kit with the Little Yellow Bicycle "Twig" collection. I knew I had to use the inspiration I felt from that little shirt to make something scrappy! So, I created this card:

I loved all the different patterns on the butterflies on the t-shirt, so I simply used the layered butterfly embellishment included in the kit, traced it onto both the A side and the B side of all the papers included in the Twig collection, and cut them all out. Now, you could very easily just use a butterfly punch to get the same effect, but I have two little butterfly punches in this scrapper's stash! ;)

I created 3 rows of butterflies, just like the t-shirt has. I used one Glue Dot right in the center of each butterfly to adhere it to the card. This way, I could fold up the wings of the butterflies a bit to give them some dimension and make them seem like they were "flying" off the card a bit. I also liked that the shirt had words printed on some of the butterflies, so I used a little rub-on sentiment from my stash and added it to the bottom right butterfly.

So, the next time you are out clothes shopping, soak in all of the inspiration that fashion designers have come up with for can be super useful for our layouts and cards as well! Who knows...maybe you already have a favorite shirt or pair of shoes that will inspire you on your next scrappy creation! :)


  1. I LOVE this card Jenny! Thanks for sharing where you got your inspiration and how you created the card. I'm adding this one to my "scraplift soon" folder!

  2. Great idea, Jenny! Love that card... and even better to know the story behind it. :)

  3. Great idea! The card is super cute...I love butterflies too!

  4. Love this idea!
    Thanks for sharing where you found your inspiration as well!