Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What makes you HAPPY?

We all have little things in life that make us HAPPY. They aren't necessities but they sure make life a little more pleasant. I love small gifts my children have given me, like a fairy that Noah bought for me from the Christmas shop at school when he was in KG and an owl that Makenna bought for me. I love to look at my cardstock arranged by color. A gift from a friend that reads "life is good." All of these items are in my scrap room. I love adding these personal touches to my space.
During our recent move I have been really trying to go through our possessions and keep only those things that bring joy to our hearts. If a particular item doesn't fit into that category then we are giving it up so that it can bless others.
So what items do you have that you really LOVE ??? Is there something you have that you could pass on to others?


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