Monday, March 9, 2009

Hand-Sewing on Layouts

Ok...I have another obsession. It's alright...I can admit it! :) You see...this new obsession is hand-sewing on my pages. I think the tiniest of stitches makes for the perfect detail. :)

At first, I was a bit intimidated but once I gave it a shot, I quickly realized how easy it really is. It takes just a few pre-punched holes by using a paper piercer, needle and floss.

I begin my stitches from the back side of the paper...

And place a small piece of tape to keep the end of the floss in place.

There are so many different stitches you can use but here are a couple of my favorites.  Mind you, I by no means can even sew a button so this is huge for me! (Ok...No laughing!  I can hear you!) :)

But you want to know what is even more fun than sewing?  Collecting of all these pretty colored flosses! :)


  1. wow..this is great hun..i can see me using this on mostly everthing made it look so im not any good at all with sewing..i leave that to
    but after seeing this i will defo give it a go..thanks hun x clare x

    your pages are gorgeous x

  2. Thank you, Clare! Try is so easy! ;)

  3. I love hand sewing on my layouts and cards. Can't sew a button on a shirt for the life of me either, but on a layout it is so fun.