Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Teacher Gift for the Holidays

This time of year there's always chatter about what gift to give to the classroom teachers. As the "class mom" for my daughter this year, I collected money from all the kids in the class so they could give the teacher a collaborative gift. However, I wanted to give a little "extra" to the teacher without spending a lot of money. So, this year I altered the good old clipboard! I am sure many of you have done this before, but they always make for such an adorable gift. The clipboard I altered for my daughter's Kindergarten teacher still remains on the wall, hanging in her classroom... 4 years later! :)

The supplies cost next to nothing! I purchased the clipboard from Office Max for $1.50. The reason I loved this one was because it is almost the exact color of Kraft cardstock...my favorite! :) All the product was from my stash! I used some scraps from The Scraproom's September Kit as well as their calendar stamp...one of my all time favorites I might add! :)

This project is so simple, so easy and so cost effective! Most of all...You can't go wrong be creating it because it is always a hit with the teachers!

btw...the title is part of a quote so if anyone knows who's original quote it is, I would like to give them credit! :)