Saturday, December 20, 2008

Displaying Greeting Cards

The cards are a-comin'! Getting Christmas cards in the mail is one of the things I look forward to when December rolls in. This is that time of year when friends and kin really make an effort to keep in touch ,and I love watching the card pile get higher everyday, thankful to have so many who care enough to take the time to write. Of course, I proudly display these treasured gems in our home. This year, I used an old loaf pan dressed up with a ribbon and glittered trees from this month's Embellishment Kit. I ran some scrap green papers through the shredder to use as fillers.

I also hung a glass ornament filled with buttons. Check this out:

Make several of these ornaments using embellishments from your stash -- ribbons, eyelets, blings, etc., and hang them on the tree or, better yet, gift a couple to your loyal scrap buddies.

Now, how about you? How do you display your cards? Have you sent yours out??? Just five more sleeping nights before Christmas!


  1. I usually place mine on top of our entertainment center so we can all see them. I love your idea better though, and that ornament is so pretty. Need to remember this for next year.

  2. I really like this and need one so I may make it today and use it for the few days left. At least I will have it for next year.

  3. I usually display them on the table as you walk in but this year there weren't that many that came. I think one of the ways to cut $$ this time of year is to save on postage. I am sure many people felt that way & skipped it. At least that's what I'll keep telling myself, lol.

  4. I really love that ornament with the buttons! CUTE!