Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Big Announcement: New Changes for The ScrapRoom in 2016

Life is full of transitions, and as many of you might know from the occasional glimpse into my personal life on the blog, two “big” life transitions have taken place in the life of my family during the past 18 months. First, after a 23-year hiatus, I headed back to college last fall to finish my bachelor’s degree, and I will finally be graduating in May. And second, after 14 years in Roscoe, Illinois, my family purged, packed and moved to Elizabethtown, Kentucky this past summer, where my husband accepted a new job and a new role. In spite of all of the “life chaos” in 2015, we are grateful to God for preparing our way, and we are adjusting to new places and new faces in this new chapter of our journey.

All of these changes in my personal life have consequently brought about some changes for The ScrapRoom as well. I am unbelievably grateful to have had the opportunity to provide memory-keeping products that I love to customers-turned-friends for the past 11 years. However, I have felt for some time now that God has something else for me to do, and the time has come to allow Him to lead me down new paths and to pass the leadership of The ScrapRoom on to someone new.

I am SO EXCITED to announce that our very own Rochelle Spears, long-time designer for The ScrapRoom and lover of our kits, has purchased The ScrapRoom and will be taking over on February 1, 2016. This is an absolute best case scenario for The ScrapRoom, as Rochelle has a long history with our clubs and our kits, as a customer first and then as a designer for the past several years. Rochelle loves The ScrapRoom and the “layout kit” style that sets us apart in the scrapbooking kit club industry, and I look forward to watching her breathe new energy and creativity into TSR, as the new owner.

Please keep these three things in mind as we transition this month…
1.) None of the items in the TSR Store will be moving to Rochelle’s location, so 
THIS MONTH is the last month that you will be able to add any of the current store items to your regular TSR shipment with NO additional shipping charges. Because of this big news, we will be shipping the January kits on the 8th this month (Friday), so if you want to add any store items to your January shipment, please e-mail me at by noon on Thursday (7th). We can still add items to your January shipments through noon on Thursday. After that time, throughout the rest of the month of January, regular shipping charges will apply to all orders placed.

2.) After February 1st, I will have additional scrapbooking kits and items that I will be selling as I continue to unpack from our move. I have set up a selling account on Instagram under the username, scrapbooksupplies. If you are interested in following the close-out sales as I pack up my ScrapRoom and close down the “warehouse” here in Kentucky, please follow me on Instagram.

3.) On February 1st, Rochelle will take over as the sole owner of The ScrapRoom. Beginning with the February kits, shipping will take place out of Nevada, and Rochelle will begin adding items to the new TSR Store as they become available. You will be able to continue to use the e-mail address for all of your member add-on and skip requests, and all e-mails will be directed to Rochelle as of February 1st. To keep up with all TSR’s latest updates and to get to know Rochelle a little bit better, please follow us on Facebook and on the blog.

I have LOVED getting to know so many of you over the years. Thank you for making my dream a reality and for your faithful support throughout the birth and growth of The ScrapRoom. As I step aside, I feel very confident that Rochelle will not only take good care of you, but that she is the one to take TSR to the next level! Enjoy the journey!

With much gratitude,


  1. Congrats Rochelle on your new venture!

  2. Congrats Rochelle on your new venture!

  3. Congratulations Rochelle! Wishing you all the best!

  4. Welcome to Etown, you are now a fellow Kentuckian! hugs.....