Friday, August 14, 2015

Guest Designer, Heather Tips: More Is More

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Less is More.” In scrapbooking, sometimes the opposite can be true. I don’t mean just keep adding stuff to your page, although I always have to resist that impulse. I think that sometimes a large group of photos or embellishments can really add a “WOW” factor to a page. They become the feature or tell the story.  Let me show you a few examples
On this page I added a large group of speech bubbles to emphasize Nathan’s thought process at planning for college. His thoughts are taking over at this point.

On this Fall page I used a neutral background with Fall colors and kept it simple. A large group of leaves that look like they’re drifting down from a tree emphasizes the Fall theme.  To add variety, I stitched some leaves and used a leaf shape for the photos.

On this page, I added a lot of different gears - some chipboard, some masked, some stitched.  I was trying to highlight the inner workings of Nathan’s mind - always whirring and thinking

This final page from 2010 really emphasizes how much love I have for my kids.  The photo is black and white so the main focus is the heart spiral

So, instead of dotting a few embellishments here or there, group a whole packet of them to make an impact.  There are so many options: buttons, brads, flowers, stamps, chipboard. Think of the message you’re trying to send - do you have an embellishment that reinforces that? Most importantly, have fun.

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