Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Technique Tip: Journaling With Embossed Strips

How do you feel about your penmanship?  As for me, I don't care very much for my writing.  In fact, I have completely redone layouts because I have felt like I ruined the whole look of a layout with my ugly writing.  I still, occasionally, journal on my pages. But when I do, I have to use pencil lines that get erased later.  Or I write on a paper that is detached from the base of the layout.  That way if it looks too bad, I don't have to start the layout over.

I, always, have to take my time when writing.  Since most of my stories are long, I almost always do the bulk of my journaling on the back of my layouts.

However, on the occasion when I believe that a layout requires more explanation than the title portrays, I often print something separately with a typed document. Frequently, I use my computer. But, another favorite tools is my pink Dymo.
I'm not sure if this particular one is available anymore but you could probably find something similar by searching for an embossing labeler.

I had one similar as a child and loved it.  So, I picked up this one a number of years ago to add a little variety to my journal strips.  I used it both this month and last month.  You may see the ways that I used it below:

Do you have any journaling ideas to share for those of us that don't like our writing?

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