Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Project Life Inspiration: Adding a few more photos with Inserts!

Good Morning! Have you ever found yourself scrapbooking an event, and you have just a few more photos and memories than will fit on your 2-page layout? Project Life scrapbooking offers an easy and seamless solution - the 6x12 insert. Today's post shows you how to seamlessly incorporate additional photos and cards into a Project Life spread using the 6x12 Design H pocket protector.

Becky Higgins Project Life 6x12 Insert: Design H

This 2-page layout was created using photos and cards from the January Project Life Kit. Notice the first vertical column of photos on the right page, starting with the 4x6 photo of the boys throwing snow at each other. This is the 6x12 insert. You can see that Aphra designed the insert to coordinate with the layout, and she placed the insert in between the left and right pages.

This is the same layout with the insert flipped to lay over the left page. Notice the second vertical column on the left page, starting with the "Sledding Adventures" card. This is the 6x12 insert flipped over within the 2-page layout. Again, both sides of the layout are coordinated whether the insert is laying on the right or the left page.

In traditional scrapbooking, adding more photos generally means creating an additional layout, but with pocket scrapbooking and divided inserts, adding a little bit more is a cinch. I'll be adding these 6x12 divided protectors to our TSR Store very soon!

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