Thursday, August 14, 2014

Off-Topic with Tammy!

Well, it's done... my oldest son is officially married! The ceremony, the reception... it all came off beautifully, and in an instant, my son and his sweet bride began their together-life. Our families packed it all up and cleaned it all up and kicked back with pizza and ice cream and a huge sigh of relief and happy hearts. We're waiting on all of the official photos from the photographer, but here are a few snapshots that have been posted on Facebook from our "big day." Thanks for your prayers and happy wishes!

(Zoey and Jake... this photo is a sneak peek from the photographer. Can't wait to see the rest...)

My five boys. Jesse, Joe, Jake, Josh and Jeremiah (l to r)

The ceremony. My husband officiated, and I am sitting in the front row on the right. A friend put my hair up in a "gibson tuck," and I had a narrow sparkley headband. Since I generally live in sweatpants, a T-shirt and a ponytail, I felt like a queen that day. :)

The kiss.

The cake table. I'm posting this photo here because I wanted you to see how Zoey decorated her cupcakes. She punched out hearts from scrapbook paper and sandwiched a toothpick between two hearts. She then placed a heart pick in the middle of each. It was so cute! She was able to use inexpensive (but DELICIOUS) cupcakes from Sam's Club and make the whole display super-cute. I love this girl!!!

And they're off...!


  1. Congrats on your new daughter! May they have a lifetime of happiness together. :)

  2. What a beautiful couple and wedding! Thanks for sharing! Also loved the photo of your 5 boys.

  3. Loved getting a peek at your family. Big congrats on the new addition. Prayers for a long and happy life together!

  4. Congratulations!!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos!