Friday, May 2, 2014

Important Announcement Regarding Orders Placed via E-mail This Week...

We have just discovered that due to a unknown glitch in our email backup system, not all e-mails to have been delivered to our inbox this week. While we have continued to receive many e-mails each day, we do know that we have not received ALL e-mails that were sent from April 27th through May 1st, and we cannot determine exactly how many e-mails were sent that were not delivered to our inbox. This glitch has been fixed, so all emails are being delivered and backed up properly again.

ALL NSD Sale orders placed through our online shopping cart are NOT affected. If you placed an order online through our shopping cart, you order is in the queue and we are working on getting everything invoiced and shipped out! You do NOT need to contact us about an order placed through our online shopping cart.

HOWEVER, if you are a TSR Member and you sent your NSD Sale order via e-mail, please resend that e-mail again just to be safe. We have received several e-mail orders that are currently in our queue, and we are working our way through the queue - but we wanted to encourage everyone to just e-mail us AGAIN with your order (or question) so that we can make sure that we got it. (I'd rather delete a duplicate e-mail than to miss an order or question.)

ALSO, if you are a TSR Member and you sent me an e-mail regarding your May Kits (add-ons, skips, etc.), please just resend that e-mail to me so that I can make sure that I get that information before we process your credit card on the 4th.

So sorry about this techno-glitch. Again, because I don't know what e-mails I might have missed getting, I'd rather have you resend an e-mail than for me to miss one from you. Thanks so much!


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