Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Sneak Peek #1

This week is our Spring Break week, and our family took a trip to visit our college son in Missouri. He wasn't able to come home during his spring break because he had to work, so this momma was itchin' to see him! I tried to begin Sneak Peek Week on the road from my husband's smartphone,. but I ended up posting directly to my husband's Facebook Page instead of The ScrapRoom page, and my son texted me two hours later that I was destroying my husband's man-credit on Facebook with my ScrapRoom post. I didn't realize what I had done, and clearly I was not as tech-savvy as I was shooting for. (I got rid of my smartphone in January, and it's been more challenging that I thought it would be...) Anyway, without further delay, here is our first April Sneak Peek:

Today's Sneak Peek is from the Simple Stories blog, by designer Cari Locken and features the new A Charmed Life line. You'll love this unique color combination!

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