Friday, November 22, 2013

"Stash" Challenge Update (Week 7)

Good Morning Friends! Today's blog post wraps up the second round of my "Scrappin' The Stash" Challenge. I got several pages done over the course of the past seven weeks and loved the time I had to reconnect with the memories from the photos and with my "creative-self," which often takes a backseat to my cooking-self or my business-tasking-self or my track/soccer-mom-self. :) I got (4) more pages done this
week, and I find myself within striking distance of having all of my 1999 photos and corresponding memories documented!
Variation on Sketch #6
Kit: 7/13 DS Kit
Photos from 2001

Sketch #2
Kit: 7/13 DS Kit
Photos from 1999

Sketch #2 (in 8.5x11 size)
Kit" 7/13 DS Kit
No photos yet. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this page in 8.5x11. I just liked the 12x12 layout above and had extra paper, so I created another, smaller version.

I'm still trying to decide how to tackle my personal memory-keeping for 2014 - what size and format for journaling and photo-taking... so I'll be taking a challenge break over the Holidays to ponder and prepare for keeping up in 2014 before I announce my next "Stash Challenge" after the first of the year. Start thinking about joining me in 2014 as we "get more pages done!"

"Scrappin' The Stash" Round 2 Total: (20) pages and (12) cards... not too shabby!


  1. Oh that must feel good Tammy!

    How about PL for 2014...just a suggestion! It has worked well for me!

  2. I made the switch to 8.5x11…love it! I just have to remember to print my photos a bit smaller if I want multiple ones on a page. My 12x12 layouts seem huge now :)