Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Scrappiin' the "Stash" Challenge: Sketch #8 Breakdown

This is Sketch #8 on my approved Challenge Sketch List. Below are the paper and photo measurements so you can make quick work of it.

(2) 12x12 sheets of cardstock
(2) 3.5"x 11.5" strips of patterned paper A across the top (meets in the middle)
(2) 4" high x 2" wide pieces of patterned paper B (below the left and right edges of patterned paper A)
(2) 3.5"x 11.5" strips of patterned paper C across the bottom (below patterned paper B; meets in the middle)
(2) 10.5" wide x 9" tall pieces of coordinating cardstock (for photo/title mat) (centered vertically/meets in the middle)
Photo options:
(8) 3.5"x 5" horizontal photos OR (4) 3.5"x 6 plus (4) 3.5"x 4" photos


  1. Thank you for the measurements Tammy. I really do like the idea of using the same sketch to give continuity to a group of photos from one event, and it also makes it come together much faster.

  2. Done! I did a layout! Wahoo, that is 2 for me this month...more than I got done since march!,, mine is posted in the tsr gallery and on my Facebook page!