Friday, December 7, 2012

A Stitching Solution by Beth!

I'm an easy sell for every new tool that hits the market and the Sew Easy by We R Memory Keepers was no exception.  Readily forgetting that sewing a straight line is not one of my strong points! I practiced and practiced but was still prone to veering off course and ruining perfectly good paper.

After a lot of trial and error (make that lots of error) I came up with this idea.

First take a 2"x12" scrap of light colored paper and line it up vertically on your Sew Easy foam mat. Holding this paper down securely, make a row of stitching the length of the scrap.

Use the lines on the mat to guide your stitches.

Now take your scrap and hold or secure it with repositionable adhesive to your layout, positioning it exactly where you want the stitching to go. You can even experiment with placement by marking through the holes with a pencil and erasing if you aren't satisfied.

Once happy with placement then pierce holes through your template or mark with pencil and then pierce.

Now you can stitch!

With careful planning, the corners can be uniform
(I was not careful) :)

That is why my layout has brads accenting the corners!

Now I'm off to experiment with some of the other Sew Easy stitching heads.

Happy Scrapping!

- Beth

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