Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: For Chevron Lovers AND Haters!

Love chevrons?  Please, take a moment and go drool over this post by Aphra about the chevron trend.  Then come back and get ready to make chevrons out of any double-sided paper you have!

Hate chevrons?  Then feel free to grab some chevron paper, a pair of scissors, and let loose a maniacal laugh - because we're going to deconstruct some chevrons and make them go away!

Love Those Chevrons!  (haters, you may skip this section)
Here's a card made with the Simple Stories Summer Fresh line... and some made-from-scratch chevrons:

To create your own, cut strips from any double-sided paper.  I used 1/4" strips, and chose paper with very different sides so that the chevron would "pop".  Using my (well-loved) cutting mat as a guide, I folded the paper every 1/2" on the diagonal:

I ran the strips through a Xyron so they'd stay in place as I sewed them down.  You wouldn't need to sew them, but I think you should use a stronger adhesive than the repositionable Xyron I used.  You can see the strips lifting before I ran them through my machine:

Trim off the ends and you are done.  Easy peasy!  (Now don't look at the next little tutorial... it just might break your heart.) 

Chevron Haters! (you know who you are...)
Here's a layout made with Simple Stories Summer Fresh and a deconstructed chunk of chevron paper:

The border of this page started out as a chevron... just cut apart, roughed up, lined up, trimmed off, and doodled on.  Doesn't that make you happy thinking about it? 

My dog Grey chewed on the green piece when it fell off my table.  Apparently he's a hater...
From here, just trim the overlapping bits flush to the cardstock edge.  I chose to doodle a stitched line around the edges to match the details on the paper, but it isn't necessary.  Here's a close up of the final product:

So there you have it.  Whether you love them or hate them, we've got chevrons.  Might as well go have fun with them!



  1. Oh my I was CRACKING UP at this post Theresa!! Love your ideas. At at first I hated chevrons but now I have embraced them ;)

  2. Yep, self professed "hater" of chevrons, but love how you turned it into something CUTE!! Thanks Theresa!

  3. LO L Theresa!! I wouldn't call myself a HATER but I don't exactly LOVE them either ;) Either way, your tutorials are fabulous!!

  4. Your writing style is really charming! I love the chevrons, both homemade and deconstructed - can't decide which I like more. I need to try this tutorial. Tx