Thursday, October 13, 2011

Design Team Inspiration with Aphra!

Hi everyone! Aphra here today to talk to you about scrapbook page titles. Do you ever get stuck trying to think of a title? Do you find yourself repeating the same boring titles on your layouts? Do you wish that you could just quickly think of a spectacular title so that you could finish your layout and go to bed because you've already sat at your scrap table for hours? Oh sorry, got a little carried away. I've been struggling with titles lately. Here, take a look.

See what I mean? Those are three of my latest ScrapRoom victims. Layouts from the past few months. Boring, one word titles that did nothing to tell the story or enhance my design. I could have done better. I will do better.

Well, lucky for me, there are some awesome spots around the Internet where I can find lists of titles just waiting to adorn my layouts. And just in case you are as guilty as me for using some boring titles, I thought I'd share my favorite sites with you. (Just click on the title to link to the site.)

1. -- This online store has an entire section of its website devoted to title suggestions for your layouts. There are thousands of titles conveniently organized into categories. And more titles are added all the time by other scrapbookers.

2. The Perfect Title -- Another well organized site has categories for all the most popular scrapbook themes.

3. Scrapbook Creations -- This site has hundreds of titles listed by theme. They are sure to have a theme that fits your need.

4. Mouse Memories -- This site is dedicated to titles for your Disney layouts. Since we just went to Disney for the first time this past August, I'm so super excited to have found this one!

5. Pea Soup -- This section of Two Peas in a Bucket features title ideas and journal starters for some of the most common scrapbook themes.

6. Quote Mountain -- This is a popular online quotation directory that includes a page of quotes that would be well-suited as titles for scrapbook pages.

Ok, well, no more excuses and no more boring titles. I have all these pages saved to my favorites on the Internet so that next time I'm in a rut, I can find the perfect title!

Do you have a favorite title or place to locate titles? Leave me a comment because I'd sure like to check it out!


  1. I have a title and quote book I bought from Archiver's many, many moons ago!!! Songs, movie quotes and books are some that I have used lately as well.

  2. Oh, great post, Aphra! I'm going to mark a few of these with bookmarks, too! THANKS!

  3. Thanks for these title sites. Titling pages is a weakness of mine, so I'm always needing help.

    Do you know if went offline? I'd saved off their url a long time ago...and then a month or so ago, I tried their site when getting stuck for a title. Their site wasn't working then, and it's still not working, so not sure what's up?

  4. Just wanted to let you know... you inspired me to come up with a better title last night. :) I checked and struck out, but then hit paydirt when Googled quilting quotes. Thanks! I blame you for a better page. :)