Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our First Guest Blogger...Meet Savi!!

Happy Thursday! If you think back to last month, we started a brand new "thing" on our blog...our TSR Favorite. This is someone who LOVES The ScrapRoom, and the lucky lady was Savi!! But once you see what she shared with us, I kinda think we are the lucky ones. She is super talented and very, very funny! Anyhoo, meet Savi...

Hi! My name is Theresa Sovacool - y'all know me as Savi on the boards. I live in Litchfield, MN, with my husband, two boys (10 & 12), and two cats. Both my husband and I are engineers, so with work, kids, house, yard... camping, baseball, geocaching, fishing! - we get busy. Which is why scrapbooking is my thing: it lets me tell our stories in a fairly quick way. And it can be done instead of housework for a while before any of the boybarians really start to notice!

So... if I'm going to scrapbook, I'm going to do it with The ScrapRoom. I love TSR because of:
  • The kits! I researched the gee whiz out of kit clubs before I chose TSR. This one is simply the best - just the right amount of beautiful paper, perfectly coordinated cardstock, the hottest new embellies - and lots of add-ons for the over-achiever in me! Pages go together quick - everything works.
  • The blog! Challenges and inspiration - and sometimes a good laugh - can be found here pretty regularly.
  • The message board! This is my favorite place to hang. I used to say that I didn't have anyone to scrap with... I don't anymore. The gals on the board are supportive, positive, mostly funny, sometimes serious, helpful, wonderful people. I can honestly say that without the great gals on the board... I would not be here hosting this blog!
5 random facts about me that I'll bet you probably don't know (even though I'm a *bit* chatty on the boards):
  1. We name all of our animals after geological features or minerals. Our current cats are Cactolith and Bauxite. Yes, I'm a nerd.
  2. Speaking of nerd, I met a childhood hero a few years ago: Dr. Larry Agenbroad. Think mammoths. :)
  3. We've camped in 18 different MN state parks - only 54 more to go!
  4. I started wearing a lot of pink about 5 years ago... when my boys started "borrowing" boots, gloves, shirts, etc. My favorite color is really navy!
  5. I love a good cigar.
My two most favorite layouts are actually ones done fairly recently. One is made with the Prima Madeline doubleshot kit from this month (and a few scraps from an old Sassafras Lass kit - it was from a "mix your paper" challenge on the board - yikes!) and the other is made with the Echo Park For the Record kit from March.

Thanks for letting me host the blog - see you on the boards!


  1. So awesome to see you here Savi!
    Way to rock the blog!!

  2. Haha! When I started reading your comment about your pets' names, I was chuckling to myself thinking: "Oh that Savi... such a nerd!" Love it!!

  3. Woohoo!!! I so adore your layouts. eeeek!!!

  4. Fantastic LOs!! And so cool to know a bit more about you!