Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week #39 Challenge

We've got a whole new look and direction for The ScrapRoom's Blog! Since October 2004, our mission at The ScrapRoom has always been to inspire scrapbookers to "...Get More Pages Done!", and we're taking it to the next level here, on our brand new WEEKLY CHALLENGE BLOG! Every Monday morning, I will issue a weekly scrapbooking challenge here on the blog. Participants will have one week to complete that week's challenge and to upload their entry into the weekly Blog Challenge Gallery (easy links will be provided). We will be giving away a PRIZE each and every week, so get yourself ready for some seriously fun scrappin'!

Since we're starting our Weekly Challenge Blog in the middle of the week - to help us kick off our 5-Year Big Birthday Bash on October 1st, we're going to start with a super-easy challenge for this week - just a quick post and you'll be entered into the drawing for the prize!

THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE: Post a comment telling me a few things about you as a scrapbooker:

1.) What inspires you?
2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?
3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?

THE PRIZE: A 12"x12" Double Deck Paper Pad from Cosmo Cricket, the Patterned Paper Collections of Boyfriend and Earth Love. (48 sheets) (I LOVE both of these paper lines!)

The deadline to post your comment is midnight on Sunday, October 4th. We'll announce the winner on Monday!


  1. My inspiration usually comes from the photos themselves or from some product that I am anxious to use. My favorite stuff is always American crafts because I love the bright colors. I love using flowers, brads, buttons, and ink. Thanks for the weekly challenge blog. I think this will be fun!
    Rebecca G


    Here's a little about me:
    1) Lately I've been using lots of sketches for inspiration.
    2) I'd have to say Basic Grey.
    3) I love using ink, ribbon, journaling spots, and of course, Thickers for my titles.

  3. Happy Birthday TSR!

    Love you guys!

    1.) What inspires you?

    The change of seasons, outdoors, paint chips.

    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?

    October Afternoon

    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?


  4. Happy 5th Birthday, TSR!

    1.) What inspires you? all different things,..the pictures, sketches, a new technique, awesome papers...
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite? My Mind's Eye
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout? cut patterned paper,....otherwise,...I just love variety

  5. I'm always inspired by fun photos. One of my favorites would have to be Basic Grey. Besides patterned papers, I love using ribbons and rhinestones.

    Happy birthday!

  6. Hi and Happy Birthday TSR!

    About me:

    1. Usually the photos inspire me, but sometimes something else will hit me out of the blue (like in the middle of the night!)

    2. I love so many manufacturers, but in honor of my daughter who scraps with me, I'll say we love Bo Bunny...

    3. Buttons and flowers are my most often reached for items, but I also love using memorabilia.

    Lynne B (ellndscp)

  7. Happy Birthday TSR!!!

    1.) I'm always finding inspiration in blogs and the change of seasons around me.
    2.) I have so many favorite manufactures, but right now I'm in love with October Afternoon.
    3.) I love to use pattern paper on all my LOs. I find I use very little cardstock these days with all the beautiful lines of PP coming out.

  8. What inspires you?

    The beauty of nature, funny things my kids say, the joy my family brings me... and scrapbook mag/TSR gallery examples. :)

    Favorite manufacturer?

    October Afternoon

    What do I love to use?

    Thickers, journaling spots, ribbon

    --Kristy M

  9. My biggest inspiration to scrap is challenges. I'm so glad you're doing this!! My favorite line is October Afternoon. I have to say what I always use is cardstock with my die cutters and punches. Many of my layouts are only PP, CS and pics.


  10. 1. My boys inspire me. They are also being so cute and silly.
    2. October Afternoon or Jillibean Soup
    3. Pattern paper, ribbons, buttons


  11. Happy Birthday!!!
    Flowers inspire me.and if I get really good shots,photos that I love at first sight...then i have to scrap them....My favourite is Basic grey and K4Company coming a close second.
    I love making my own stuff as I go along and need something special for a L.O.Flowers are amust in a L.O.

  12. Happy 5th birthday

    1.) What inspires you?

    I am mostly inspired by the picture as I am dying to tell the story behind it!!!

    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?

    K and Co with Basic Grey just a smidge behind!!!

    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?

    buttons, ribbons and thickers!!!!

  13. How FUN!! SO excited to see what you have in store for us all!!

    My answers...

    1) What inspires me... blog-hopping, love to see what all the awesome scrappers out there are up to.

    2) Fave manufacturer? My fave manufacturer WAS Scenic Route, but now that they are closing, my next in line would have to be Fancy Pants, Cosmo Cricket, really too many to name, hehe!

    3) Products I LOVE? I love so many products, and try to use them all regularly, but I would have to say my all-time faves are ribbon, flowers, buttons, bling/pearls, and all the fun journaling spots that are out there now-days.

    Thanks for the chance!!

  14. 1.) What inspires you? Everything! TSR Gallery, Sketches, Everyday activities, my grandkids!

    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?

    It changes now and then, but presently it's October Afternoon!

    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?
    Flowers, Brads, Bling!

  15. I'm not sure I really have inspiration, just sit down and try to come up with ideas to make the photos look right. My favorite manufacturer has and always will be Cosmo Cricket. I love all their patterned papers and use them like crazy.

    Mandy (mandymomof3)

  16. 1 - I take inspiration from so many places......magazines, pictures, colors I see in stores, etc.

    2 - My favorite stuff changes weekly it seems! I love the bright retro styles of October Afternoon. And Thickers, I can't scrap without 'em.

    3 - As for my favorite products - I've really been liking all of the felt elements that are out there. Such a great way to add some texture to a LO.

  17. My inspiration comes from the idea gallery, blog the sketch ones and I am playing in more of them so really looking forward to this.
    Favorite paper is to many to list love paper and more paper, but always love BG and Bo Bunny!
    I love using buttons, ink and what ever I can find to make the layout special. Have to say I can't live without thickers and journal spots!

  18. What a fun idea, TSR! Here's a little about me:

    1. I'm inspired by all the fabulous scrappers around me.
    2. My favorite supplies right now are Pink Paislee.
    3. I love lots of paper, journal spots, ribbon, brads, and Thickers.

  19. My inspiration usually comes from sketches or layouts from others.

    I have been loving Crate paper and Basic Grey among others.

    And my favorite things to use on my layouts are rub-ons, brads, flowers, bling.

    Linda S (redd1977)

  20. 1.) What inspires you?
    Usually photos and then patterned paper.

    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?
    I like October Afternoon and KI Memories
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?
    I like flowers a lot and thickers.

    Maribel P. (maribel)

  21. 1.) What inspires you? Color and pattern of paper and my children's photos. The story and writing is the hard part for me!
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite? Scenic Route was but now I'm really loving October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket.
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout? Great patterned paper and Thickers!

  22. Happy Birthday TSR!

    My answers:

    1) I love to use sketches, the TSR gallery and magazines for inspiration.

    2) My fave lines are Scenic Route (So sad that they are quitting) and American Crafts.

    3) I love to use border strips and ribbon on my pages.

  23. Happy Birthday TSR!!!!

    1) I get inspiration all around me. Sometimes very unusual things and times to even think scrapbooking. Like seeing a worn out sticker on an old cart in a store the shape interested me and the writing.
    2) My favorite line....I just can't pick one I love them all. I am an equal opportunity scrapper. Ever since I made what I thought was a poor purchase on some ugly paper I forced myself to use it and found some of the layouts as there are no paper that can't be used in the right way.
    3) I love using so many different things on layouts..rub-ons, stamps, ribbon, buttons,chipboard, I find myself looking at unusual things now that I would have never looked at before.

  24. 1. I'm inspired by photos, great pp, and sketches - all 3 together - and watch out!

    2. Lately - Fancy Pants

    3. Adhesive:)!!! JK - PP, Buttons, Brads

    Jackie (Sunshinescrap)

  25. Happy 5 years (and many moooooore...)!!

    1) The member gallery. Such beautiful work!
    2) So hard to pick just one. But, I'll go with Cosmo Cricket
    3) I love, love, love bling! It just adds a little 'oomph' to the page

  26. Happy b-day TSR!

    My answers:

    1.) What inspires you? Magazines and blogs! I love both!

    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite? I would have to say Cosmo Cricket

    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout? I love using buttons!! :-)

  27. Happy Birthday TSR!!

    1 - My inspiration comes from the everyday stuff - magazines, fabrics, ties (always telling my store director that his tie would make great scrapbook paper!), my garden, animals - whenever or wherever it strikes, I jot it down. :)
    2 - this is hard, but I just love anything Cosmo Cricket!!
    3 - besides the paper, BUTTONS!!

  28. Happy Birthday TSR! :D
    My answers are
    1.) Life. And gorgeous photos.
    2.) October Afternoon and Jillibean Soup.
    3.) Thickers. And journaling spots.

    Looking forward to the weekly challenges. I have just set up a new scraproom and I can't wait to get back into scrapping!

  29. 1. My inspiration is pictures of my family...they always inspire me when I am scrapbooking...also the cute and funny and sweet things my children say inspire me.
    2. Love October Afternoon, Sassafrass Lass, Crate Paper, Basic Grey, and soooo many more...
    3. My favorites are patterned paper and stickers, but I also love to use buttons, flowers, Thickers, ribbons, stamps, etc.

  30. Happy Happy Birthday TSR!!! You are my favorite monthly scrapbooking kit! (and my only scrapbooking kit)

    1 - What inspires me?

    Family, friends, my photos, sometimes color.. A lot of times its just a feeling I get.

    2 - Favorite scrapbook MFG?

    My Minds Eye, American Crafts, October Afternoon, (Scenic routes use to be on the list)

    3 - What scrapbook products do I love to use on layouts?

    Pattern paper and cardstock followed by ink, and buttons!

  31. Hello !
    Happy Birthday TSR !!!
    1.My inspiration comes from blogs, magazines, challenges, and of courses sketches to which I am addicted.
    2. One of my favorite manufacturer is Pink Paislee.
    3. I love to use alphas on my LO.

  32. 1) Sketches and designs from various creative blogs give me ideas for scrapping, but my family are the ones who inspire me to scrapbook.
    2) Tough one - I like KI, BG, Scenic Route (*sob*), just to name a few! (I like variety, so it's hard to name just one!)
    3) Lately, I'm loving using bling, buttons, and brads on my pages. (I could say thickers too, but that would mess up the alliteration.) ;)

    Happy Bday, TSR - just took advantage of your Bday sale - woohoo!

  33. 1. What inspires me? textures. My baby attempting a new skill. My 3 year old's way of explaining the world around her and always paper - the smell, the colors, and the textures.

    2. My favorite paper is Cosmo Cricket.
    Everything they do is so versatile and playful. The colors are always so vibrant.

    3. My favorite products to use - I like to look within a paper collection and see what I can cut out or circle punch out, and then pop dot it as an embellishement.I love using felt as borders. I like to enhance patterned paper designs or chipboard with Stickles. My goal is to have the products bring texture to my scrapbook pages.

    Thank you, and Happy birthday !

    Elise D.

  34. About me ...

    1.) What inspires you? - My family for sure!!
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite? Prima for embellies, MME for paper!
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout? flowers and bling!!!

  35. Wow, lovely challenge...
    I get inspired by almost everything around me, I have so many hints I cannot nearly cope with them all...
    My fave manufacturer is Creative Imaginations, I love their collections, even though there's a lot of other great manufaturers out there...
    I love using paper (of course), scraps of paper, patterned paper... and chipboard and flowers

  36. I'm mostly inspired by my photos, but also by products, sketches and other scrappers-love to scraplift!

    My favorite manufacturers are Cosmo Cricket, October Afternoon and Scenic Route (so sorry to see them go!). Right now I am really loving using kraft cardstock and bling!

  37. my children and all of the nature around me are my inspiration... from scrapbooking to just getting through the day they inspire and bring me joy! i use Sass and Cosmo and October Afternoon the most.. i love how my pages come out with their fun and fresh papers and embellies! i love to use it! you can find ribbons buttons and thickers on most of my pages, though :)

  38. ooops- the first part of my message was cut off... weird... it said HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCRAPROOM :) and i would have to say....

  39. Happy Birthday TSR!

    1.) What inspires you? My kids inspire me to scrapbook. I get my inspiration for my LOs from sketch and layout idea books & magazines and online galleries.
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite? Bo Bunny and funny enough, Cosmo Cricket.
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout? I love buttons, ribbon and chipboard.

  40. Happy 5th birthday!

    1. What inspires me? Tanner and Tucker (my other favorite 5 year olds!)I am all about the act of recording history for my kids...getting them to see how they have grown and changed over time, recording bits and pieces of their thoughts and conversations...
    2. I can't get enough of October Afternoon or Cosmo what they make my pictures look like!
    3. Products?!? Um, adhesive...TSR kits, THICKERS, brads, journal spots (afterall, I have a story to tell TNT!)

  41. I let the pictures inspire me. I love all things bright and beautiful so Sassafras Lass is my favorite company (although that Basic Grey Lime Rickey was a hoot).
    I love to use border punches and die cuts from my cricut.

  42. My inspiration? Easy.... from great new scrapping products, especially well picked out ones that coordinate........ and like when 4-6 of said sets arrive in my mail.... oh and that arrive say around the 8th of each month, and hmmm, comtain flavored coffee... ring any bells??!!!

    My current faves?? Cosmo Cricket, Little Yellow Bicycle and I say buttons are my go-to on finishing any page!

  43. 1. I love sketches and my pictures. I can look at a picture and know what page kit to use.
    2. Love Bo Bunny
    3. I love pattern paper and thickers.

  44. 1.) What inspires you?
    My kiddos!
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?
    J.Bowlin, Crate Paper,Oct Afternoon and Basic Grey
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout? Flowers and ribbon
    Lisa Q.

  45. Inspiration: Photos, sketches

    Fav Line: Fancy pants, Cosmo Cricket, AC

    Fav Item: Thickers, dimensional embellies


    1.) What inspires you? everything a layout, a paper a photo a thing a cloth....
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite? OCTOBER AFTERNOON
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout? flowers, tickets,brad, buttons everything thing i love to change!!!!

  47. 1.) Sketches & other people's creations!
    2.) DCWV
    3.) Patterned papers, ribbons, brads, buttons....

  48. 1.) What inspires you?
    Other peoples layouts!

    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?
    This is HARD!!!! There are sooo many awesome ones. But... I think I'll have to say, October Afternoon. No, maybe My Mind's Eye. No, wait... Cosmo Cricket. Uh, no... Basic Grey. ARGS!!! Do I really have to pick just one????
    Okay, well then... My Mind's Eye!

    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?
    Pattern Paper, ribbon/fibers, Thickers letters!

  49. 1. I use sketches and the colors in my photos as inspiration.
    2. My favorite for now is October Afternoon.
    3. I love to use Thickers and journaling blocks.

  50. Happy 5!!!!!

    1.) What inspires you?
    My children and my husband combined with fun materials, cool sketches, and all the talent of my online friends.
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite?
    Crate Paper and My Minds Eye
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?
    American Crafts Thickers (foam are my fav)

  51. 1. Inspiration: My children (and new patterned papers!)
    2. It changes, but October Afternoon right now
    3. I love Thickers, paint, and lots of differently patterned paper


  52. 1.) What inspires you?
    Great pictures of my kids.
    2.) Which scrapbooking manufacturer is your favorite? I don't really have one yet. I don't pay attention to the manufacturer. I just use what I like and what Scraproom sends me. :)
    3.) Which scrapbooking products do you LOVE to use on a layout?
    Diecuts, thickers, brads, ribbon.