Thursday, May 21, 2009

The End of the School Year is Coming!

If you're like me, the end of the school year is an incredibly busy time! And (if you're like me) you struggle with gift ideas for those wonderful teachers. I always go into this time of year thinking that I want something nice for each teacher, but not too expensive, and at the same time I want something that the recipient will find useful and can feel my appreciation through the gift. That's a pretty tall order!

This year, our school district is closing early (to prepare for the opening of a brand new high school next fall and transitioning/repurposing the other schools) which means I only have until May 28th to get my stuff together! Yikes!

So I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the gifts that I have given/made in the past. My hope is that maybe you'll find an idea that you like and can use this year, without having to reinvent the wheel, so-to-speak. I thought it would also be fun for you to share your gift ideas in the comments section (with links if you can!).

A couple years ago, I gave each teacher a perennial plant (I went with daylillies, since they are popular and easy to care for). I included a tag with each that I mounted on a plant stick. It was well-received.

At Christmas one year, I gave each teacher a decorated bandaid tin. I stuffed the inside with paper raffia to match and put a gift card inside. I also included a small ornament (that I bought in a pack) on the outside. I included this gift idea because it was so much fun to make (and quick too), the teachers loved them, and you can use the idea any time of the year, just change the papers!

Last year, I went with a theme of relaxation. I figure every teacher needs the R&R during the summer months. So I found some great summer drink recipes online (I included a few alcoholic ones as well) and found these cute pitchers, napkins and festive straws at Target. I used digital papers to dress up the recipe cards and bound them together with a binder clip and ribbons. I included a gift card to a local salon that they could use to put towards a service of their choice (i.e. pedicure, manicure, massage, etc.)

And finally, last Christmas I made these little boxes filled with chocolate candies and attached a cute little ornament. I'm sure if you search online you can find a free box template out there. I know I paid a minimal fee for this template from a Stampin' Up rep and it has come in handy many times. This is another idea that can be used any time of year by changing out the papers and the contents of the box.

This year, since I'm struggling with time management issues, I need to find a fast project. So far, I've found these cute leather bookmarks. I also found a stamp that says "Thank You for being my teacher" that I will stamp on the bookmark using StazOn and I will include a small photo of my child. The teacher can change out the photo whenever they want. I found the bookmarks at A's for $1.99 each! And I'm thinking of giving them gift cards to a local teacher supply store.

With each gift I like to write a special thank you to each teacher, something personal and from-the-heart.....particularly for my middle daughter's teachers. As many of you know, I have a daughter with special needs/autism, so I have a lot of contact with her teachers, assistants, para and therapists. All total, we have seven very wonderful women to thank for just Madelyn alone! It truly does take a village to raise a child! So thank those special teachers in your life and have fun with your projects!


  1. Those ideas are awesome, Jenny! I may end up going with the gift card in a gift tin. I have a few of those tins, and I forgot that I could use them for gift-card packaging. The end of the year is fast approaching... I guess I'd better get busy!

  2. The plant is a great idea, I think I will give one to my son's teacher this year. Thank you for yor help!