Friday, April 10, 2009

Using Book Pages on Your Projects

Last month I had this obsession but for today, my obsession is a bit different but just as exciting! :) I am now officially addicted to book pages. I have been using them quite a bit lately. They are so versatile and neutral...can be inked or painted...crinkled or flat and used on just about any craft project. Basically...your options are endless. :)



Art Journal Cards:

Best is a super cheat embellishment that will last you a lifetime. I purchased an old, used book with 500 pages from my local library for just $1.00. Can't get much better that that! :)


  1. That is SO funny...Tanner was looking at an old book at our house the other day and a few of the pages fell out...he started to put them in the recycle bin and I told him to put them on my scrap table instead...I plan to make some paper posies out of them...but I love that one with the whole sheet as a mat behind a photo! COOL! Thanks for the extra motivation!

  2. pages are so much fun to work with! When you try it, please make sure you post the layout and link it so I can see what you created! :)

  3. That is so cool...I definitely want to try this...

  4. I have purchased a few books to use, just never got around to it. That flower is fantastic!! Makes me wanna give it a go!