Thursday, October 23, 2008

We've discussed camera lenses, how about must-have camera accessories?

I was just reading an online article the other day, from a former (or maybe current) Memory Maker Master (I don't recall exactly). She was talking about a few of her favorite (and inexpensive) camera accessories. She went on to discuss this little doo-dad - a Gary Fong Flash Diffuser (aka "puffer"). I thought to myself that this gizmo might just be the answer to my photography prayers. Because my pocketbook knows I can't afford a high-end lens or a bounce flash right now. But $25 I can do. I'll see if I can scare up a link to that article because the sample photos using this thing were pretty amazing IMO. Ah, here we go: http://http//

So tell me about some of your favorite or must-have camera accessories, and include links if possible.


  1. I am still learning with my camera so it will be fun to see what everyone's "must have" items are.

  2. I don't carry anything other than an extra battery, memory card, and lens cleaner. Is a camera bag an accessory? I love my 2 million dollar crumpler ( even though I own a shootsac (

  3. Lan - That is an awesome camera bag! My camera bag is old and not very functional. I may have to look into the crumpler! Thanks for the link! Keep the ideas coming!