Monday, June 8, 2015

Welcome Guest Designer, Janine Rachau!

Join me in welcoming Janine Rachau as our next 2015 Guest Designer for The ScrapRoom. Janine has been using TSR's kits for many years to help her document her memories, and I'm excited to share a bit of her story with you today.

How long have you been scrapbooking and how did you get started?
Although, I dabbled with scrapbooking as a child, it really took me over when I was pregnant with my first child. I knew that I would enjoy creating albums for him. This was in the year 2000 when I began. It all started with a Creative Memories event.

Describe your scrapbooking style.
I think that my style is eclectic. I almost always use cardstock on my pages because I like how it tones down busy papers and designs. I love to be frugal with my supplies, too.  Sometimes, I challenge myself to get the most amount of projects done that I can on one kit. I find myself moving from using subtle graphic designs to clean or classic pages to heavily layered paper pages.

Favorite manufacturers and why?
Another tough question. I love diversity and my favorite manufacturer changes based on trending lines. If I have to pick one, I'll go with My Mind's Eye. They usually have classic and pretty papers that draw my attention. I love the texture in their papers and many of their embellishments too.

Which scrapbook page designers do you admire or who influence your style?
Geesh, I'm not sure. I had been watching quite a few designers years ago that come to mind.  Not as many currently, although I do love Brenda Ragsdale and Rochelle Spears work. :) Two of my past favorites are Julie Bonner with her clean pages and fabulous photographs, and Emma Trout with her meticulous fancy cutting and beautifully layered designs. I have yet been able to create a masterpiece close to the magnificence with all the cuts that Emma can create.

Which scrapbooking and/or crafty blogs do you follow?
Not nearly as many as I used to. My feeder has more decorating and religious content than scrapbooking these days. Along with The ScrapRoom and its designers, I have a few manufacturer blogs, Scrapbook Challenges, The Counterfeit Kit Club, (which helps me use my ScrapRoom stash), and Moments to Cherish because Deanna and I have reacquainted since our days of MOD Squad at TSR.

Any other tidbits our members want to know?
Thirty years ago, I was 21. My life was changed when I was given a second chance at life.  I survived a traumatic accident being struck by two cars as a pedestrian. After three months of hospitalization with broken bones from ribs and arms to toes, (a gazillion bones shattered), I am privileged to walk, have children, think, do life and scrapbook. You, too, are loved and have wonderful purposes during your journey on earth. I want to encourage you to make memories, define your purposes and pass it on to friends, family and even people you don't know. You never know who may be encouraged learning about your life.

Tell us about (3) of your favorite layouts...
When Tammy asked me to choose 3 of my favorite layouts, I knew it would be a challenge to choose.  Not because I think they are designed so well but because they usually feature my favorite subjects, my family, and our favorite places! Each page holds memories and deep affection for the people in the pictures. It leaves me with a bias for my own pages. 
In order to describe my style, it really begins with fitting pictures with kits or papers and then looking for less common ways to use the items. I love to look at The ScrapRoom Kit contents and try to think of unique ways to use the products. 
I remember when I created this first layout that I chose. A number of my online scrapbooking friends and I were discussing ways to use diagonal stripes. I explored making the frame around the photograph.  Isn't Jason the cutest little muffin in a floatie!?!
On this second layout, I layered the Jillibean Soup fabric covered chipboard with a button, paper and ribbon to create the award ribbon.  Good times with Mickey and Minnie!
Lastly, not an original idea, but I love fancy cutting.  I used a few clouds from a Bella Blvd. line to create the third layout that I chose to share today.  I don't think my little scarecrow would scare many birds away, I fear.

And, just because I prefer to leave things on a light note, I'll tell you one of my favorite stories of embarrassment.  As a little girl, I loved my pet, Apache.  He was a boxer dog with jowls that collected food and dirt.  He would rest his chin on a window ledge of a large picture window and look out to see outside activity.  My parents decided to invest in some lovely sheers to give us more privacy.  The sheers were installed on this large picture window. Apache, however, continued to rest his chin on our ledge.  He was scolded constantly and I felt bad for him.  I had the perfect solution and cut a beautiful square hole in the sheers just where he liked to the rest his big messy head.  Perfect solution, right?


  1. Loved seeing this blog post about you Janine. It's great to see you as a guest designer on TSR. I remember you from the "message board" days and I always admired your layouts! Looking forward to seeing even more.

  2. Great post - loved learned more about Janine. Fabulous layouts too!

  3. Thank you, Marcia. I remember you too. I believe that you even sent me a PM to welcome me around 2007 when I first joined TSR. You have always been a great encouragement!

    Thank you, also, Suzanne. I have been enjoying getting to know you too! Love your writing and layouts.

  4. Fabulous pages!!! Love your stories and especially the last one!

  5. Wonderful work Janine! So happy to have you designing with us!!!!

  6. Thank you, Lisa. :) I don't think that my parents cared much for my logic to help out Apache.

    Thank you, Brenda. I'm very happy to be designing with this great team. It's been a lot of fun!